Our people

Meet the Team

Anne Wen, Co-Director
Anne Wen is a sophomore from the island of Guam, majoring in international affairs and public policy. Her interests lie in journalism and startups. In her free time, she watches Chinese dramas, eats free cookies at the Murray-Dodge cafe, or treks scenic walks back to Forbes College.
Jason Tan, Co-Director
Jason is a junior from Wisconsin majoring in Economics, with certificates in Finance, Neuroscience, and Latin. In Jason's free time, he enjoys singing, playing tennis, and watching movies.
Max Chan,
Logistics Director
Max is a sophomore from New York City studying Public Policy, Computer Science, and Finance. He enjoys classical music, entrepreneurship, and hosting social events for various clubs and groups
Edward Tian,
Partnerships Director
Edward is the partnerships lead for TigerLaunch. His interests includes podcasting, break dancing, and venturing to foreign cities, with highlights in Paris, Phuket, Nairobi, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Galway, and Kampala. He is a proud Princeton International Orientation leader from Canada.
Betsy Pu,
Branding Director
Betsy is a sophomore studying computer science. She's always down to debate the ethics of new technologies, eat lots of watermelon, try new styles of dance, and kick things (in taekwondo practices only).
Stephen Elliott,
Partnerships Team
Stephen Elliott is a freshman from North Carolina majoring in Economics. He is involved in juggling on campus and works off campus as a bookkeeper for Kolb Architects.
Elliott Strahan,
Logistics Team
Elliott Strahan is a freshman from Baltimore, Maryland majoring in ORFE. His academic interests include economics as well as Russian language and culture. Outside of class, he enjoys calligraphy and badminton.
Naomi Beneson,
Partnerships Team
Naomi Benenson is part of the Princeton Class of 2023. She is interested in studying economics, math, and dance. On campus, she is involved in Entrepreneurship Club and the Disiac Dance Company.
Brian Tieu,
Branding Team
Brian is a first-year from Jacksonville, Florida pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. His other hobbies include spending way too much time in Princeton's maker space and suffering in the Florida heat.
Rishwanth Raghu,
Partnerships Team
Rishwanth is a sophomore majoring in computer science and is interested in exploring the intersection of medicine and entrepreneurship. Outside of TigerLaunch, he enjoys playing the violin and tennis.
JM Cho,
Branding Team
JM is a junior studying CS from Seoul, South Korea. His interests are in technology, mental models for learning, and mindfulness. He loves diving into new, exciting facets of life and having interesting conversations with anyone runs into.
Joy Xie,
Branding Team
Joy Xie is a sophomore studying biology. She looks forward to seeing cool student startups pitch this year at TigerLaunch.
Kavya Chandran,
Logistics Team
Kavya is a junior studying Electrical Engineering with certificates in Finance and Statistics and Machine Learning. Through TigerLaunch, she loves exploring her interests in all things related to venture capital, tech, and start-ups.
2Pi Pham,
Partnerships Team
2Pi Pham is a freshman, pursuing a concentration in Neuroscience and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. She received her nickname at a math summer program in middle school, for being passionate about the debate between Tau (2Pi) and Pi (Tau is better, don't @ her). 2Pi also loves sailing and creating video games in her non-existent free time.
Vedika Patwari,
Logistics Team
Vedika is a junior in the Computer Science department with interests in Statistics and Global Health. On campus, she is involved with non-profit consulting and civic engagement teams. She enjoys dancing and reading.
Helena Yu,
Partnerships Team
Hi everyone! This is Helena, a sophomore studying operations research and financial engineering. I was born and raised in China and came here to a boarding school when I was fourteen. On my free time, I love exploring brunch places with friends, watching movies, and going sailing with the club sailing team.
Neil Brahmbhatt,
Logistics Team
Neil Brahmbhatt is a freshman from Michigan studying Economics at Princeton University. His interests lie in entrepreneurship, medicine, and finance. Neil enjoys reading, playing tennis, and volunteering in his free time.
Emily Dale,
Logistics Team
Emily is a freshman from Chicago majoring in Computer Science. In her free time she likes to play percussion in orchestra and play tennis.
Britley Jones,
Branding Team
Britley Jones is a freshman from Atlanta, Georgia, who is interested in studying chemical and biological engineering. In addition to TigerLaunch, she is a member of the Princeton Raqs belly-dancing team and Black Student Union.
Stephen Cornwell,
Advising Member
Stephen is a senior from Terre Haute, Indiana and is studying Computer Science. Outside of TigerLaunch, he is on the Princeton Debate Panel and volunteers at a crisis and suicide prevention hotline.