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Past competitors: Where are they now?

TigerLaunch 2020, Y Combinator S2020
Perch operates as an intermediary between banks and college students, enabling students to build their credit score without a credit card/loan and also realigns financial institutions with the college market.

TigerLaunch 2019, Y Combinator S2019
LineLeap is a mobile platform providing users with the ability to purchase "fast pass entry" at their favorite venues.

TigerLaunch 2016, Y Combinator S2017
An automated modern scheduling platform. Acquired by Front.

TigerLaunch 2019, Seed Round €1.3Mm
Groover helps musicians and their representatives to send tunes directly to carefully selected blogs, record labels, and other music influencers of their choice.

TigerLaunch 2016, Series A €2.8Mm
Revolutionizing swine health and the pork industry using sensors.


SwineTech (2016 Finals 1st Place)
Featured on CNN Business
Aeronics (2017 Finalist)ConserWater (2017 Finalist)
Named among the nation’s best student startups by the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer