Frequently Asked Questions

Why TigerLaunch?
TigerLaunch builds a network of student founders, allowing for teams to learn more about different industries and establish partnerships with top venture capitalists, other collegiate entrepreneurs, and top accelerator programs. Every year since our inception, a TigerLaunch team has been accepted to YCombinator, and to date, TigerLaunch teams have raised a combined $600+ MM in venture funding.

Through TigerLaunch, founders will have the opportunity to meet leading investors and VCs from diverse backgrounds and industries, gain valuable feedback on company expansion and growth strategies, and workshop their ventures with top professionals in the industry.

We understand the growing pains all founders and startups go through, which is why TigerLaunch is committed to covering all travel, housing, and food expenses during our regional and final competitions.
Who is eligible to apply?
All full-time students currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program are eligible to pitch at TigerLaunch. While teams can have members who have graduated from school, there must be at least one current student founder, and only full-time enrolled students are eligible to pitch their ideas at TigerLaunch
Our startup is in its early stages, should we still apply?
Yes! While there will be a natural preference from VCs for more mature startups, many of our top competitors applied to TigerLaunch at an early stage.

Additionally, a startup can still grow tremendously between the time of application and the regional competitions.
How and when do we apply?
Applications for TigerLaunch are now open! You may submit your application through the "Apply" button on this website

For all teams competing in the Europe and Asia competitions, the deadline is November 26th, 11:59pm EST. For all other teams, the deadline is December 3rd, 11:59pm EST. After the deadline, the application will remain open for a few days, but advancement becomes increasingly difficult, as selections are made early
How does the online judging process work?
Each application will be carefully reviewed by a panel of leading VCs, founders, or entrepreneurs from across the country. No students are involved, at any stage, in the review of applications
What is the prize amount? Does TigerLaunch take equity?
TigerLaunch does not take equity from winners.

1st Place: $25,000
2nd Place: $10,000
3rd Place: $5,000

Other prizes to come! Check back soon

Regional + Final Competitions

Do we get to choose which regional we compete at?
No. Based on geographical proximity, you will be assigned to a regional competition
How much will we get reimbursed for regionals?
Depending on your distance from the regional competition, you will be reimbursed appropriately. Up to two team members whoa re full-time enrolled students will be reimbursed and receive housing for the competition.
How many teams compete at each Regional? At Finals?
Depending on the Regional, each competition will have 10-16 teams competing

16 teams will be competing at Finals.