The Nation's Largest Student-Run Entrepreneurship Competition
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The Nation's Largest Student-Run Entrepreneurship Competition
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What we believe in

Sponsored by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club, TigerLaunch is the nation's largest student-run entrepreneurship competition dedicated to building a network of student founders at the university, regional and national levels. TigerLaunch combines networking, mentorship and funding opportunities to craft a distinct experience.


Contraire deploys a retrofit control system to manage the aeration process within mid-sized municipal wastewater treatment plants. The predictive analysis system has the ability to decrease total energy by up to 45%. Our vision is simple: make treating wastewater less costly in order to save municipalities, and therefore communities, money.


Born from the frustration of a new employee of Michigan Dining, Puracycle identifies infinite-use solutions for single-use kitchen products. The team is now processing orders from the world’s largest food service providers and providing innovative alternatives to a historically stagnant industry.


Groover helps musicians and their representatives to send tunes directly to carefully selected blogs, record labels, and other music influencers of their choice.




As an international competition, TigerLaunch competitors get the chance to build connections with a range of startup founders of all industries and walks of life, fostering unique conversation and ideas.

This whole experience of meeting other founders from very different fields was the best. Being the only French guy, I was totally immersed.


TigerLaunch judges have included successful startup founders and VCs such as Sequoia Capital and Rough Draft Ventures. After adopting feedback from judges, competitors have progressed to raise additional funding.

The mentor & judge network was a springboard for new conversations. They really want you to succeed as TL alums. From TL we learned to pitch well, storytell, and have a good team dynamic—soft skills key to being an entrepreneur.


TigerLaunch provides $35k in no-strings-attached funding as prizes, on top of over half a million dollars of Google Cloud Credit and network opportunities with top venture capitalists.

We used the prize money to organize a showcase [of our music promotion startup] in Paris at a music venue. It was a huge success!