The Nation's Largest Student-Run Entrepreneurship Competition
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The World's Largest Student-Run Entrepreneurship Competition
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What we believe in

We are the world's largest student-run entrepreneurship competition dedicated to building an ecosystem of student founders at the university, regional, national, and international levels by providing mentorship, networking, and funding opportunities.


Hatch Credit helps students build their credit score using non-traditional data points, such as your rent, Netflix, Hulu, and other recurring expenses.Students who've had no credit score saw their score increase to a 650-680 within 2 weeks, while students with a history already saw increases from 50-120 points. (Credit Card takes 6-8 months). Furthermore, we connect students with the financial sector by teaching students basic financial fundamentals and getting us prepared for the real world. All for Free!


At Avanii, we believe in stopping the climate change crisis. Avanii solves this problem by scanning an employee's expense reports to utilize data of what they bought and how much they spent to accurately compute the employees carbon footprint in under 30 seconds; anything from a flight to a coffee. Carbon Crew then provides a diverse portfolio of verified carbon offsets for the employer to select; ranging from carbon conversion for immediate impact to fuel efficient cook stoves in developing nations for societal impact. Because the data detailing how much carbon is being produced and how much carbon is being offset is easily accessible, the company is then able to swiftly include their environmental efforts in their marketing campaigns.


Komodo uses cutting edge technologies to provide forecasted financial metrics for municipalities. Komodo provides predicted values for key metrics that financial analysts use to evaluate credit scores. With Komodo, our clients can predict potential credit upgrades and downgrades using our predictive credit indicators.




As an international competition, TigerLaunch competitors get the chance to build connections with a range of startup founders of all industries and walks of life, fostering unique conversation and ideas.

This whole experience of meeting other founders from very different fields was the best. Being the only French guy, I was totally immersed.


TigerLaunch judges have included successful startup founders and VCs such as Sequoia Capital and Rough Draft Ventures. After adopting feedback from judges, competitors have progressed to raise additional funding.

The mentor & judge network was a springboard for new conversations. They really want you to succeed as TL alums. From TL we learned to pitch well, storytell, and have a good team dynamic—soft skills key to being an entrepreneur.


TigerLaunch provides $35k in no-strings-attached funding as prizes, on top of over half a million dollars of Google Cloud Credit and network opportunities with top venture capitalists.

We used the prize money to organize a showcase [of our music promotion startup] in Paris at a music venue. It was a huge success!