What we look for


A startup, especially at the early stage, is nothing more than its founders and their vision. After submitting our initial screening application, you'll receive an invitation to submit a video pitch. Our judges are looking closely for how your passion carries across and whether it's infectious or not. Traditional ways of showing this include discussing the wide-scale impact of your product and why your team is the one to execute it correctly. Non-traditional ways are up to you!




For every successful student company, there are countless more that fail. Being a student is hard, and so is starting a company, but doing both at the same time is altogether even more difficult. Do you and your cofounders have the dedication it takes to work on and grow your company even in the midst of being a full-time student? You could show this by highlighting the progress you've made in a short amount of time or telling your founding story and why that means you'll stop at nothing to build your company.