Food Period was our Seattle Regional winner and it designs functional food products that help women have great periods, naturally. It is a subscription-based service that helps women use natural Seed Syncing protocol to support their hormonal health. We chatted with founders Jenn Kim and Britt Martin about their startup and TigerLaunch experience thus far. Find out more about Food Period here: www.foodperiod.com.


TL: Is this your first pitch competition? If not, what have you completed in previously and what did you find differently about TigerLaunch?
Britt: We have previously been involved with NYU Stern’s 300K Challenge. So we’ve been part of that since September so we just went through couple rounds when we had to pitch in front of panels. Also, we have been part of two week accelerator at NYU’s entrepreneurial institute. We have to give a pitch every other day. TigerLaunch is our first non-NYU pitch, and it has been great. It’s great that all the same judges judge all teams, and I think that’s something unique within TigerLaunch. Normally, we would all split into maybe five startups per room, and judges would come together after only seeing ¼ of the startups.

TL: Were there any comments or feedback from judges that you found particularly helpful?
Britt: Definitely, I feel like it’s great that there were some time for questions afterward. It helped us to understand what types of product judges were interested in and what things we missed that we could’ve been more communicative about. It’s good to be able to build off of that and improve our pitches moving forward.

Jenn: Moreover, after the pitches, we were just talking to the judges about struggles we’ve faced in terms of scaling and each of them was very willing and generous with their time to meet up for coffee and also made introductions to people who were involved in manufacturing. This really expands our network.

TL: What would you do with the prize money if you win this competition?
Jenn: Right now, we are making all our products on our own in a commercial kitchen space. We actually definitely need to scale up because we can’t maintain our orders for much longer. So moving to co-packer or also sourcing ingredients in greater quantities from really top-notch farmers – those are two things in the manufacturing side.

Britt: But also, we definitely want to spend a bit more in developing a community around our product – community for women with resources for period, health, and just a place to share stories. Whether that looks like an online space or at first, a beta version of it as space. Lastly, Our moonbites are our first product and it is a food product but we really think that it’s something that can bring women together and serve a greater purpose.