What is tigerlaunch?

TigerLaunch is the nation's largest student-run inter-collegiate entrepreneurship competition, put on annually by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club at Princeton University and with the support of many other student partner entrepreneurship associations across the country. We're unique in three ways:


Whether you win it all at demo day or apply with just a tiny idea, TigerLaunch is dedicated to providing everyone with a chance to both connect with both professional mentors and entrepreneurs as well as fellow student founders across the country, helping you grow your company and build your network.


TigerLaunch is the only competition to host regional events across the country before Demo Day. The Regionals, occurring in February and March of 2017 in Seattle, Chicago, and NYC, give more founders than ever the chance to be a part of TigerLaunch.

Best of all, we cover all travel and food expenses, so you can worry about crafting the perfect pitch rather than paying for your trip


In addition to at least $30k in prize money, TigerLaunch also offers the chance to meet with some of the top VC firms in the country, such as Sequoia Capital, an opportunity that could prove even more valuable than any monetary prize.