Application deadline extended to December 18th!


What is tigerlaunch?

TigerLaunch is the nation's largest student-run inter-collegiate entrepreneurship competition, put on annually by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club at Princeton University and with the support of many other student partner entrepreneurship associations across the country. We're unique in three ways:

1. Mentorship at the national scale

Whether you win it all at demo day or apply with just a tiny idea, TigerLaunch is dedicated to providing everyone with a chance to both connect with both professional mentors and entrepreneurs as well as fellow student founders across the country, helping you grow your company and build your network.

2. regional events, with travel paid

TigerLaunch is the only competition to host regional events across the country before Demo Day. The Regionals, occurring in February and March of 2017 in Seattle, Chicago, and NYC, give more founders than ever the chance to be a part of TigerLaunch.

Best of all, we cover all travel and food expenses, so you can worry about crafting the perfect pitch rather than paying for your trip

3. prizes

In addition to at least $30k in prize money, TigerLaunch also offers the chance to meet with some of the top VC firms in the country, such as Sequoia Capital, an opportunity that could prove even more valuable than any monetary prize.

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What we look for


A startup, especially at the early stage, is nothing more than its founders and their vision. After submitting our initial screening application, you'll receive an invitation to submit a video pitch. Our judges are looking closely for how your passion carries across and whether it's infectious or not. Traditional ways of showing this include discussing the wide-scale impact of your product and why your team is the one to execute it correctly. Non-traditional ways are up to you!




For every successful student company, there are countless more that fail. Being a student is hard, and so is starting a company, but doing both at the same time is altogether even more difficult. Do you and your cofounders have the dedication it takes to work on and grow your company even in the midst of being a full-time student? You could show this by highlighting the progress you've made in a short amount of time or telling your founding story and why that means you'll stop at nothing to build your company.



Round 1: Screening


Apply with the short application here. After an initial screening, applicants are then invited to record and submit a 90 second Y-Combinator style video pitch (Click here for more information) and a more in depth application. Professional VC's and entrepreneurs will then judge your application, and Regional qualifiers will be notified in early January.

Round 2: Regionals

Mid February - Early March

45 teams will be selected to go to three regional events in Seattle, Chicago, and New York, where you'll present a 5 minute pitch to VCs and potential investors, network, and participate in workshops. Remember, TigerLaunch pays for your travel.

Round 3: Demo Day


15 teams from the regional events will be flown out to Princeton University to present 10 minute pitches for Demo Day, a two-day event with investors, sponsors, speakers, and workshops . Companies that make it to Demo Day come from a wide array of industries. Click here to find out more.

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What are the team requirements?

Teams must consist of 1-4 undergraduate or graduate students. All members of your team must be enrolled in college or be on a gap year. This means that if you have an older member on your team, such as a professor or an alumni, that you may not enter the competition.

Should my team work on a new idea, or can we compete with something we’ve been working on already?

Either is fine! Historically, teams working on new ideas have advanced to the regional round but will need to show strong progress to advance to the final round.

What’s the submission deadline?

The initial application is due at 11:59pm (in your time zone) on Sunday, December 18th.

Do I have to have a tangible product yet?

Not to apply and advance to regionals, but finals teams will need to have shown lots of progress to advance to finals. Regardless, whether you just have an idea or already have a working product, we’ll connect you with both student and professional mentors to launch you to the next level.

What types of ideas or companies are you looking for?

Anything and everything! We’re looking for ideas from a wide range of sectors. Past submissions have been from the social entrepreneurship, biotech, internet tech, agriculture, and music market sectors. Take a look here to see the participants from previous years.


Although TigerLaunch is not officially an international competition (yet!) we do accept applications from Canadian schools!

Who will be judging my application?

Entrepreneurs and VCs will be deciding who moves on to regionals. Judges in your region will be reading your applications, and often come to meet teams at the regional events!

My company is a social venture; will i be judged on different terms?

While we currently do not have separate prizes for social vs. non-social ventures, our primary criteria (vision and grit) apply to both. Consideration will of course be taken to ensure that achievements and goals are taken within the proper context.

If i've applied or competed in previous years, can I still apply this year?

Except for past winners, all teams are welcome to apply again.